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G.D Web Service provides clients full access to the online catalogue and to real-time information about the availability of parts, delivery times from local or regional facilities or, when necessary, from Bologna.
Standard information about quantities and prices is all readily accessible for each item, along with easily downloadable technical documentation and information on latest developments.

web services


G.D supplies machinery and spare parts for a wide range of both makers and packers. G.D immense catalogue of spare parts is a challenge that has intensified over the years, as the number of installed machinery has increased significantly. Permanent Supply Capability (PSC) ensures continuous and prompt supply of more than 1,700 consumable parts from G.D Bologna headquarter. More than 13,000 other parts are kept constantly in stock.

Total Cost of Ownership Reduction

Total cost of ownership (TCO) defines the ongoing investment required to keep machinery running at top efficiency after initial installation; this is an important project for G.D and its clients alike.
Lower cost of parts, longer working life through the use of new materials and new technology to make replacement quick and easy contribute to improve TCO alongside efficient and programmable maintenance.