Shaping the future now

New Generation Products

In  the  last  few  years  the tobacco  market  has been exploring  opportunities to develop new  products.  
With this market in mind, G.D has developed new concepts for automated machines, able to assemble and pack new generation products, combining G.D experience with cutting-edge technology.
The main challenge is to provide solutions for the making and  packing  of  products  such  as  liquid-based  e-cigs  or  multi-segment  filters, adapting  and developing the most efficient  traditional  tobacco  product manufacturing practices.


Technological Innovation

Industrial research is at the heart of G.D activities. G.D completely re-thinks the entire production process, transferring newly discovered solutions to other sectors whenever applicable. The aim is to anticipate customer needs and requests and to provide ready responses. This means getting off the beaten track and blazing new trails.
Successful innovation results from a series of favourable conditions combined with the growing demand on the global market for new, high-quality products to be manufactured in plants with massive production capacities. Market-driven research has led G.D to create new, technologically advanced solutions serving today's tobacco industry.

Sustainable Innovation

G.D is committed to sustainable business development practices that make the most efficient use possible of natural resources and energy with minimal environmental impact.
To better incorporate sustainability into every facet of the production cycle, G.D is working with its Research and Development units to introduce new ways to design hydrodynamic, thermal and electrical projects to reduce energy consumption (motor drivers, power supply, cooling systems, air compression for vacuum) and to reduce G.D machines' CO2 output at customers' plants.