Our history

Technology lead our history, innovation will guide us into the future

2010 2020

2020 - G.D is the leading partner of all tobacco multinationals for NGP machineries.

2018 - G.D acquired Comas Tobacco Machinery, entering the primary machinery sector. The group provides a complete portfolio of solutions, along the entire production process, from primary to secondary, both for conventional tobacco and New Generation Products.

2017 - G.D strengthens its leader position in the tobacco machinery industry while increasing its product offering in the instrumentation segment, through the acquisition of Molins and Cerulean.

2015 - G.D entered the new generation product market with flexible platforms for liquid based e-cig and multi-segment products.

2011 - G.D made a further step forward in the strategy of widening its product range with the acquisition of SASIB.


2000 2010

G.D revolutionized the market once again with the H1000, the first continuous motion hinge-lid packer, teamed up with the 121P, a cigarette making line at 20,000 cigarettes per minute.  G.D entered the filter production sector introducing the DF10, the first double-rod filter maker, and the FC8 filter combiner.

1990 2000

G.D launched the first double-rod cigarette maker.


1970 1990

G.D created the X1 and the X2, the first high-speed soft and hinge-lid packers.

1960 1970

G.D entered the tobacco industry, introducing the 4350/Pack-B, a revolutionary wrapping machine, thus becoming the outright leader in the sector.


1939 1950

Enzo Seràgnoli took over the company. The focus was shifted towards packaging for the confectionery and soaps sector, and a wide range of innovative automatic wrapping machines was launched, also thanks to Ariosto Seràgnoli who had joined G.D.


G.D, a legendary motorcycle company, was established in Bologna.