Parts and Materials

The warrenty of original parts

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Parts and Materials

A full set of original parts is offered to keep equipment running in perfect condition along its lifetime and repair services extend the life of original parts directly coming from customers.

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Parts & Materials

Spare and Wear Parts

In recent years, spare parts management has become an important issue for the cigarette make and pack industry. G.D has invested it with high priority in order to ensure top machinery performance, optimal running times, supporting customers in reducing stock and total cost of ownership, as well as providing service, training and flawless documentation. G.D knows that high on clients' priority list are lead-time reduction, lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), efficient and accessible service and tools. And that, very simply, is what G.D intends to deliver.

Parts & Materials

Repairs & Refurbished Parts

Many electronic parts have life cycles that are shorter than the life cycle of the product they belong to.
Life cycle mismatches caused by the obsolescence of electronic parts result in higher sustainment costs for long-life systems.
Therefore, our "Repair Exchange Program", an active, warehousing system for electronic items that are most frequently returned for repair, must always be updated and improved.