G.D celebrates 95 years of success

G.D has always kept innovation in mind and has put industrial research at the heart of its activities, re-thinking the entire production process and aiming at anticipating any customer needs.
In the last few years the tobacco market has been exploring  opportunities to improve new innovative  products, and this is the reason why G.D has developed new concepts of automated machines combining experience with cutting-edge technology.

But it is necessary to go back to past years to understand how G.D has become the big company of today.
In fact, G.D’s story started long ago, and now profits from the experience and strength accrued over the years from the very beginning of the brand. The name comes  from the initials of the two owners of a small workshop, Ghirardi and Dall’Oglio. The business was taken over by Enzo Seràgnoli, who became its sole managing director, and who, together with his cousin Ariosto, contributed to the continuous growth of a company that would eventually mark the history of packaging made in Italy.

In the 60’s G.D entered the tobacco industry with the 4350/Pack-B, a revolutionary wrapping machine, joining an industry sector where it to become an unquestioned world leader.
With the integration of the cigarette makers in the 1990s G.D became one of the main world suppliers for tobacco state monopolies and multinationals, developing a wide range of machines for the production and package of cigarettes, filters, OTP as well as special products.

Today industrial research is the core of G.D activities. G.D completely re-thinks the entire production process, implementing solutions applied in other sectors, anticipating customer needs and providing ready responses. This means being aligned to increasing new demands of the global tobacco industry.

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