G.D DF10 Non-Wrapped Acetate

The DF10 offers an extremely flexible solution for the production of NWA (Non-Wrapped Acetate) filters as well as its capacity for producing special filters on the same platform: filters with capsules, threads, charcoal granules, or with double paper, of which the internal layer is corrugated.
Thanks to a steam system in the forming beam, that dries immediately the triacetin in the rod,  the NWA filters do not use the plug-wrap paper that wraps the filter in standard versions.
Moreover,  the immediate hardening of the rod makes it possible to create filters with a range of different profiles in the inside cavity, to personalized cigarette filters.
The DF10 stands out for its greater production capacity compared to equivalent machines currently on the market, for the high quality of the end product, and for its productive flexibility. One important advantage is the possibility of producing both paper and NWA filters on the same machine switching from one filter production to another in only a few hours.
Thanks to these features, the DF10 represents a solution that adapts easily to requirements of the cigarette filter market in constant and rapid evolution.

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