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Business Ethics

How to report

Coesia, and all its Italian subsidiaries, in line with its values, the behavioral principles defined in the Group's Code of Ethics and its commitment to respect and comply with current regulations, has adopted a Whistleblowing Management Procedure which describes the channels through which to send reports of violations of the Code of Ethics, Legislative Decree 24/2023 and Legislative Decree 231/2001, as well as proposals.

Read the Whistleblowing Management Procedure of Coesia and its Italian subsidiaries.

How to report
Read and download the Whistleblowing Management Procedure
PDF Whistleblowing Management Procedure / Procedura di Gestione delle Segnalazioni
code of ethics

Code of Ethics

Ethics are essential to the way we do business and constitute a pillar of our success. Our Code of Ethics plays a pivotal role in corporate responsibility and outreach to support social relationships. In fact, Coesia actively contributes to the improvement of the communities in which it operates. Another purpose of the Code is to engage employees and collaborators and to promote their own sense of responsibility. In our commitment to integrity, we share and promote an organic and coherent approach to corporate responsibility within the Group and in external relations with our stakeholders. Find out more by reading the Code of Ethics.

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Relations with suppliers

Corporate responsibility touches on all aspects of supplier relations, from selection to regulation and management of supply agreements. For this reason, we drafted guidelines to steer collaboration with suppliers toward the characteristics of a partnership, by supporting participatory design and promotion of innovation, while respecting our values and core behavior parameters.

relations with suppliers
mod 231

Anti-corruption and Legislative Decree 231/2001

We are driven by the principles of integrity, fair competition and respect for the laws and regulations of the countries where we operate. To actively prevent corruption, Coesia has developed its own Anti-Corruption Guidelines as a concrete tool for application to everyday activities. The guidelines guarantee the highest standards in all business relationships and value creation for our stakeholders. For operations in Italy, G.D has adopted the model "Companies and Institutions Management Responsibility” pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001.