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A new website for Coesia

The Coesia web site is online with updated contents and new graphics, all conceived to present the Group through simple and direct navigation.
Solutions, services, innovation and people are the main elements that characterize the Coesia world and therefore constitute the main sections of the site.
By browsing the solutions offered by the 15 companies of the Group, visitors will identify the ideal partner for their business through a guided path from industries or technologies. The companies also present a complete portfolio of the services they offer, providing support to customers as reliable technological partners.
Much space is dedicated to people and the opportunities that Coesia offers in terms of job openings, training, career development and corporate welfare.
Innovation is Coesia’s engine of development, and the dedicated section presents both the technological aspect and the social aspect. Social innovation is expressed through attention to the societies in which the company operates.
All subjects are presented with clear and intuitive graphics offering the opportunity to make a quick acquaintance with the Coesia world, which is especially important for the mobile platform. Happy browsing!
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