Equipment Modernization

A new life for existing machines

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Equipment Modernization

G.D portfolio of solutions enhances the value of operating equipment by installing the latest technological features on existing equipment or bringing old equipment as close as possible to a new machine’s conditions. 
Customers are provided with different solutions of sizes/formats to run additional products on the same equipment. Moreover equipment control system can be upgraded to the latest technological standards, solving at the same time any potential obsolescence risk.

 Upgrades & Kits

Upgrades & Kits

G.D's constant collaboration with its customers has made it possible to develop up-grade kits focused on improving the performance of G.D machines.
Furthermore, innovative solutions developed for new generation machines, can be extended to serve the wide range of previously installed G.D machines.
The variety of materials, coupled with G.D commitment to progressively reducing the cost of materials while simultaneously maintaining the high-quality finished products that distinguish the company, all require that advanced and more flexible technical solutions can be feasibly retrofitted even onto existing machines.

Size and Change Over Parts

G.D cigarette making and packing machines can be adapted, even with retrofitted parts, to suit a wide array of formats and size-groups, and keep up with an ever-changing market.
Size-group changes include:
- Variations in cigarette or pack size, including slim and super slim
- Variations in the number and/or collation of cigarettes in the pack and relative size adjustments
- Change in cigarette or filter length
- Change from standard to special packs
- Use of different packaging materials.

Rebuilding & Refurbishment

G.D offers a variety of modular solutions for its machinery.
Machine Care Program, for repairing and improving some of the electrical or mechanical machine functions.
Refurbishment Program, providing new control units and upgrades to override obsolete electronic and mechanical systems.
"Advanced Rebuilding" and "Excellence Rebuilding," which are actual re-engineering programs that can bring existing machines up to par with the latest machines on the market, with state-of-the-art groups that meet today's top quality and efficiency standards.
G.D's global after-sales assistance network, together with the expertise of G.D engineering department, offers the very highest standards for machine rebuilding and has achieved complete customer satisfaction.

Control System Upgrade

G.D machines are long-term assets based on a reliable mechanical architecture. Commercial electronics have a short life cycle, and to avoid the obsolescence of those components, G.D offers a replacement solution of the control system with state-of-the-art PC-based technology.
This solution is not only the most efficient for supervising proper machine functioning, but also enables future hardware and software developments to be applied very quickly. 
The introduction of PC-based platforms ensures component and operating standardisation with the technology of the latest G.D machines.
The advantages are tangible not only in terms of internal machine control, but also the human-machine interface, which has now become far more user-friendly.