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Technological innovation

Industrial research is at the heart of G.D activities. G.D completely re-thinks the entire production process, transferring newly discovered solutions to other sectors whenever applicable. The aim is to anticipate customer needs and requests and to provide ready responses. This means getting off the beaten track and blazing new trails.

Successful innovation results from a series of favourable conditions combined with the growing demand on the global market for new, high-quality products to be manufactured in plants with massive production capacities. Market-driven research as led G.D to create new, technologically advanced solutions serving today's tobacco industry:

  • Complete lines for cigarette making and packing: 121P 20K- H1000-W1000-BV and 121P 20K S1000-W1000-BV, which produce 20 thousand cigarettes per minute, combining remarkable flexibility with excellent finished-product quality.
  • Lines for filter production: DF10 for mono-acetate filters, with a production capacity of 10 thousand filter rods per minute and FC8 for segmented, combined filters producing 8 thousand filter rods per minute.
  • Lines for other tobacco products (OTP) including snus/snuff machine producing 1000 pouches per minute, even using very moist tobacco